Digital X-Ray

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Digital x-rays provide you with 60 to 80% less radiation, easy to see and understand images, much less time and better diagnostics. A truly amazing technology!

Gendex digital x-rays are an extremely progressive addition to ourxray_to_use_for_website dental office. Digital x-rays are computer generated images. These images require up to 80% less radiation than conventional film type x-rays. X-ray projections appear on computer monitors within a few seconds in full view of our patients. The computer allows enlargement, highlighting, magnifying, inverting, clear viewing, and contrasting of x-ray images, so that you as a concerned patient can view your teeth at the same time as the office staff. Today, a set of bite wing images can be acquired for the same radiation dosage as one old fashioned film. Since the images are stored on a computer, these “films” cannot be lost or misplaced. Often, they can be emailed to an insurance company or specialist who may need immediate access to your images.

Our office has the equipment for both panoramic digital images and the smaller intra-oral images that we all are accustomed to seeing.